Lampone Bombolonas

img_0031I didn’t feel like going to the store on a cold, Los Angeles morning, so I made these Raspberry Jam Doughnuts



2 1/4 tablespoons yeast

1 cup warm water

zest of one lemon

1 tablespoon brandy

1 1/2 tablespoons oil

1 egg

3 cups flour


2 cups raspberries

2 cups sugar

juice of one lemon


Make the Jam by boiling 1/2 cup water and raspberries in a small pot on medium heat.  Brin to a boil and mash fruit.  Add sugar and let boil for about 5 minutes more.  Test the jam to see if it has set.  Put in the refrigerator to cool.

Mix all ingredients in a bowl until well combined.  Cover bowl tightly and place it in a larger bowl with some warm water in it.  Let rise for one hour.  Roll out dough on a lightly floured surface to about  3/4″ thick. Use a 2-3″ glass rim to cut out donuts.  Keep them as close as possible so you don’t waste dough. I made 9. Cover with tea towel and let rise for another 30 minutes.  Heat a large pot with about 3″ of neutral oil to 360 degrees.  Drop in doughnuts (two at a time) into oil and cook 1 minute on each side until all donuts are fried.  Let them cool on a rack with paper towel underneath for a few minutes and then use a pastry bag with tip to fill doughnuts. Jam will be a little runny so don’t let it drip out of the bag.  Sprinkle with powdered sugar.


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