Dana Commandatore is a mom, advertising executive, and autism advocateBaking and cleaning is how she relaxes. Since cleaning only makes her happy she likes to bake and share it with her family, neighbors, friends, and co-workers.  



Me with Paul Hollywood and Sherry Yard as a Contestant on The Great American Baking Show Holiday Edition 2019. Photo courtesy of ABC.

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  1. everything here looks so delicious! and i love the name “wake and bake momma” ! im so glad i stumbled upon your page.


  2. I just finished the “GABS” season that aired on Hulu, and I just wanted to say that you were the best part of the whole season! The casual, confident, positive energy that you brought to everything you did was a treat to see. And, you definitely earned your spot in the finals.


  3. Just watching GABS. We are addicted to this show! Any chance you would be willing to share your Napoleon recipe? If Sherry Yard said it was the best thing she’s tasted in the tent, they must be delicious!

    We’re watching cookie week, now!

    Thank you!


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    1. Sorry! that one is not ready to be released but here is a tip. It is more in how you bake the puff pastry than the recipe. Most puff pastry recipes are good, they just don’t bake them properly. It is knowing your oven and raising and lowering the temp at the right time.

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  4. You are my favorite on The Great American Bake. Your food always look so yummy. You have a great personality. Your voice reminds me so much of Constance Zimmer’s. You even look a bit like her. Both of you are beautiful ladies. I have not finished your season yet. I hope you win.


    1. That is very kind! I am so glad you are enjoying the series. I had so much fun doing it. It was an amazing group of bakers.


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